Become a Volunteer

There are a number of tasks that volunteers can do in the Cemetery some of which are highlighted in this video:

‘Conservation Volunteers’ work for (up to) three and a half hours on Wednesday and Saturday mornings performing tasks in the Cemetery such as clearing graves, cutting back rhododendra that have became evasive and trimming yew trees.

These volunteers are also endeavouring to make the paths within the Cemetery more usable in the winter months by removing the slurry that has formed over the hard surface of the paths – replacing it with recycled wood chippings.

The concrete paths in the Cemetery have gathered  moss, making them a hazard when wet, and there is currently a programme to clean these paths. Would you like to ‘own’ a path and devote some time to maintaining it?

There are a number of ‘desk-bound’ roles for volunteers who have a PC and access to the Internet.

Research is another area to which a volunteer can contribute; there are nearly 17,000 people buried in the Cemetery – and most are just names rather than personalities. We would like to know more about our ‘residents’ so that that we can keep their memory alive. Would you like to research an individual?

Transcription is another area where help would be valued; the minutes of the Burial Board in the early 20th Century remain to be transcribed and, of course, the inscriptions on headstones have not (to a very large extent) been made available on this website.

We have volunteers producing detailed Plot maps so that visitors have finding aids that will enable them to locate a grave without the assistance of the Friends of Northwood Cemetery (though its Trustees are always pleased to help visitors).

Fund raising is another area where support would be welcomed – either as an event organiser or in support of other volunteers running events or fund raising programmes.