Burial Record for Charles BARING

Surname: BARING
Forename(s): Charles
Where Died: 36 Wilton Place in the County of Middlesex
Age: 60
Ceremony By: John Bailey
Date of Burial: 11/2/1890
Plot: 24
Grave: 3832
Register No: 3
Registrar: Henry James Damant
Entry No: 3113
Description: -

Lieutenant General in Her Majesty's Army

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Charles was a very prominent member of the Royal Yacht Squadron and a vice-president of the Yacht Racing Association. His importance to sailing and Cowes is best summed up in this extract from the history of the Island Sailing Club. “The Club was really planned and owes its being to General Charles Baring, late of Nubia House Cowes, who lost his arm in the Crimea and was the first Commodore. The General was a member of the Royal Yacht Squadron and saw the need for democratic amateur sailing and racing – and set about to found the Club. He must have been a very clever prophet of what was wanted in the Solent and he got together all the keen small boat sailors when there were practically no small boats racing in the Cowes area of the Solent. In those days it was only large and expensive yachts that were catered for in the regattas and the small man did not have a look in at all. The General set out to see that the small man did count and could have his own Racing and Club facilities for it. The meeting to form the Club was held on the 2nd March 1889 at the Marine Hotel near the present Club House”. An eminent and wealthy Victorian born into the higher levels of society, Charles Baring was at heart a democrat and well respected by all.