Burial Record for Ganer CHAND

Surname: CHAND
Forename(s): Ganer
Occupation: Coal Trimmer
Where died: Frank James (Memorial Home) Cottage Hospital, Parish of East Cowes
Age: 22
Ceremony by: Sarang
Date buried: 15/6/1915
Registrar: James Charles Wilson Damant
Plot: 27
Grave: 6834
Register No: 4
Entry No: 6585
Description: -

A Lascar Crewman aboard SS Matheran (Mathesen ?)

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There was to British eyes, quaint rites associated with a mohammadan funeral were witnessed at Northwood Cemetery, Cowes, on Tuesday afternoon, when Gance Chand, a twenty-two-year-old member of the Lascar crew of the s.s. Matheran, were laid to rest. There was a party of 70 Lascars, with their Sarang, who had charge of the service. The Lascars carried the coffin of their countryman, chanting in a monotone all the way to the grave. There they scattered earth over the coffin, and themselves filled in the grave, finally pouring a can of water over the newly filled in grave, all the time repeating prayers for the departed. It was a quaint ceremony which attracted a crowd of curious folk. Some little children, who had nothing whatever to do with the mourners, placed some posies on the grave, which gave quite a pathetic finish to the strange ceremony. Extract from the ISLE OF WIGHT MERCURY Friday, June 25, 1915 (Janet G)