Burial Record for Ernest Richard Charles CUST

Surname: CUST
Forename(s): Ernest Richard Charles
Occupation: Esquire
Where Died: West Cowes
Age: 43
Ceremony By: John Bailey
Date of Burial: 15/5/1893
Plot: 24
Grave: 3837
Register No: 3
Registrar: Henry James Damant
Entry No: 3545
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The CUST Family

In plot 19 of Northwood Cemetery lie the remains of several members of the CUST family.


Caroline Sophia CUST died age 75

Ernest Richard CUST died age 43

Florence Henrietta CUST died age 54

Emma Augusta Charlotte CUST died age 69

Alice Marion Porcelli CUST died age 73

Who were this family with the elaborate graves?


The first death recorded is for that of Caroline Sophia CUST, she was the wife of the Hon. Charles Henry CUST who was born 1813 Belton Lincolnshire. He was the second son of the 1st Earl of Brownlow. The Hon. Charles Henry CUST was a Member of Parliament for North Shropshire and also gained the rank of Captain in the service of the Royal Horse Guards. He married Caroline Sophia MACDONALD, the eldest daughter of Reginald   George MacDonald Esq, 18th Chief of the Clan Ranald and his wife Lady Caroline EDGCUMBE. Both families are recorded in Burkes Peerage. Caroline was born in Westminster. They married September 1842 in London.

In 1861 Census the CUST family were living at Arthingworth Hall, Northamptonshire. Charles was recorded as a Landed Proprietor & Justice of the Peace. Living with him was wife Caroline and children Emma age 17, Alice age 15, Theresa age 13 and Ernest age 11, plus 20 servants. There is no record of daughter Theresa after 1861 Census.

In the 1871 Census the family are recorded in Christchurch Hampshire living at Kensington House, Bournemouth. Charles was still recorded as a JP& landowner living with his wife and children Ernest, Emma, Alice, Florence and 13 servants. The Hon Charles Cust died 1875 in Northampton and he is possibly buried in his family seat at Grantham Lincoln. His death was recorded in the “London Illustrated News for 1875”. It remains a mystery as to why his wife and children would not be buried with him.

Sometime between 1875 and 1881 Charles’s widow retired to the Isle of Wight and lived at Castle Rock, Northwood (now part of the Royal Yacht Squadron). She was living at this address on the night of the 1881 census with unmarried children Emma, Florence and Ernest who were all born in London. Son Ernest is recorded as a Landowner.

Caroline Sophia CUST died on the Isle of Wight in 1887. She was followed by the death of her son Ernest CUST Esq in 1893 who was only aged 43. In the 1891 census he was recorded in Grantham Lincolnshire at Belton House, the home of his cousin Earl Brownlow Age 46 “Peer of the Realm”. Ernest was recorded as an unmarried Land Owner. He also appears in the book ‘The Great Landowners of Great Britain” as one of the top land owners in the UK in 1872. He died on the Isle of Wight. His sister Florence CUST died in 1902 also on the IoW, she never married.  In 1891 census she was with her sister Emma in lodgings at Bath. I was unable to locate her in the 1901 census. Her sister Emma CUST died 1913 at Cowes IoW she never married and cannot be located in 1901 although in 1911 census she is living in Bath Somerset.

The burial of Allen Roger CUST in 1897 is a little more interesting he was born Allan Roger PORCELLI, he married Alice Marion CUST in 1876 Westminster.  In 1881 under the surname PORCELLI they were living in Kew, Richmond and Allan’s occupation was “Captain M S” b Switzerland. He was living with wife Alice and two daughters age 1 and 8 months old and 1 servant. Alice was incorrectly recorded as the same age as her husband when in fact she was 11 years older.

In the 1891 census the family are living in Richmond Surrey. Allan PORCELLI is recorded as a JP and Major in the Infantry. He was living with his wife Alice, three daughters and 7 servants.  In 1893 the family surname was changed by Royal License to PORECLLI-CUST (source Burkes Peerage) , this may have something to do with the fact that out of her siblings only Alice had children and possible Heirs to whatever money have been left over after their mother died . Allen died in 1897 at St George Hanover Square, London. In 1901 Alice CUST was living at Torquay Devon with an unmarried daughter Adelaide CUST and in 1911 census Alice is recorded as living in Newton Abbot Devon.