Burial Record for Alice FLUX

Surname: FLUX
Forename(s): Alice
Where died: Northwood
Age: 4m
Ceremony by: Frederic John Williams
Date buried: 2/3/1892
Registrar: Henry James Damant
Plot: 20
Grave: 4641
Register No: 3
Entry No: 3397
Description: -
Daughter of George Flux of Northwood, Brickmaker and Celia his Wife
Comment: -
Alice FLUX was born in October 1891 to George and Celia FLUX (nee JUPE) (Plot 33, Grave 8226). She lived for just four months. They previously had another daughter named Alice who had not survived. The plot Alice is in, has a gravestone for Ernest and Emily Dunford. I can find no relationship and both died decades after her death. (Carol F)