Burial Record for William Henry LAWRENCE

Forename(s): William Henry
Occupation: Harbour Master
Where died: Cowes
Age: 77
Ceremony by: Frederick William Hurlstone
Date buried: 10/2/1915
Registrar: James Charles Wilson Damant
Plot: 12
Grave: 325
Register No: 4
Entry No: 6505
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In January 1884 Mary Anne Lawrence, the landlady of the Bolton Yacht Inn at Cowes, was found dead on the tiny piece of beach at the rear of the pub. It was well known that her husband had treated her badly for more than 20 years and the day before she was found he had thrown a tin of fat and hot sausages at her, hitting her in the throat. When the funeral cortege left the house a crowd of local people booed and hissed at the husband as he joined the procession.At Northwood Cemetery around 1,000 people turned up and, following the service, they rushed to the Cemetery gates to once again hiss and catcall at the husband. Friends, it was learnt, had applied to two magistrates to investigate further the cause of Mrs Lawrence’s death as they were not satisfied that she had died of natural causes.However, Mary and William, her Harbour Master husband, were buried together in Northwood Cemetery in Grave 325 on Plot 12. Mary was buried on the 4th January 1884 (aged 44) and William on the 10th February 1915 (aged 77)……………….We can only hope that they rest in peace together.