Burial Record for Robert WHITE

Surname: WHITE
Forename(s): Robert
Occupation: Shipbuilder
Where died: West Cowes
Age: 47
Ceremony by: John Young
Date buried: 6/4/1866
Registrar: Henry James Damant
Plot: 6
Grave: 2571
Register No: 1
Entry No: 594
Description: -

Birmingham Road, Cowes

Comment: -

Robert White (b1818) and his brother John White (b1810) managed the West Cowes Lifeboat Yard from 1845 to 1860. In collaboration with Andrew Lamb they were responsible for the design and building of the famous Lamb & White self-righting Lifeboats. Robert, a great innovator, invented and patented many new ship construction techniques used within the shipyard. (Barry S)