Natural History


Northwood Cemetery is a fascinating haven for all manner of wildlife and flora – and arguably the very best Cowes has to offer regarding nature study.

It boasts a number of Red Squirrels that are often seen skittling around near the chapels and many species of wildflowers, butterflies and birds.

The northern half of the cemetery has never been cultivated in any way and boasts a variety of woodland plants and fungi, some very uncommon.

Plots 14, 15, 19 & 20 have for several decades been ‘set-aside’ for nature, the vegetation being cut just once per annum – usually in late August.

June and July are a good time to take a walk in this area where you may see, in particular, Common Spotted Orchids and a variety of butterflies.

Some of the less common butterflies are often present, including White Admiral, Silver Washed Fritillary, Purple Hairsteak and Brown Argus.

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