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Lovely to see little Don restored. I was often taken to the cemetery by my aunt who told me Don’s story. I always left a sweet for him in the crook of his arm & was always excited to see if it had gone!! I must add I was very young at the time!

Ann S

On visiting the cemetery today for the first time since Xmas I was amazed by the amount of restoration that has been done to both the grounds and the stones. It made me walk a different path and stop to read the stones of soldiers who had passed. I have never seen so many crocus and daffodils there…….beautiful!

My dad would have been both impressed and interested in the work being done.

Debby S

Just a quick note to thank you profoundly for the fascinating tour you led around the cemetery. We were impressed by all the hard work, love  and care that has gone into its revival, especially when so much of the work is voluntary! The children thoroughly enjoyed their visit and are still talking about some of the things they discovered; this is reflected in the writing they have produced as a result.

So far, they have written a short information leaflet aimed at their own age group, and today they produced some moving poetry using personification!What has impressed me most, is how very strongly they feel that the cemetery is an important part of their community; they have spoken at length about taking their families (and dogs) there for walks.Our thanks again for your time and care. Please pass our gratitude on to Mr Almond too.

Jane P

Many many thanks from the FoNC Trustees for the generosity of Cowes Ale House folk for this extremely generous and ‘escalating’ amount towards restoration funds.

Cowes Ale House Donations Update


Thank you very much for responding so swiftly. I believe it was you who put the marker on my Fathers grave?

That is exactly where I thought it should be, but I could not read the vase, I’m so pleased. I’ve cut the grass to make it look better and when we put Mother there I shall have a new headstone made.



Thank you so much for taking the trouble to find my great great grandfather’s plot and for taking the photos. I wasn’t surprised that he didn’t have a headstone.

Gill J

Am sending you information regarding the Humphreys family, in order that it be added to your records. I could not remember where they buried on the Isle of Wight until I stumbled upon your web site.

Many thanks. It is nice to be able to pass the information on to other member of the wider family.

Valerie P

Good afternoon Barry,

Thank you very much for your time, it was very kind of you to spend so long with us. Almost certainly next year we will come to the Island for a couple of days, without doubt we will visit Northwood to see how the restoration of the two chapels is progressing.

We both very much hope that all will progress satisfactorily. Thanks once again and all the very best.

Ken & Paula H

I think the work the association does is wonderful, congratulations! I will drop a donation in ASAP.

Patricia C

Many many thanks from the FoNC Trustees for the generosity of Cowes Ale House folk for this extremely generous and ‘escalating’ amount towards restoration funds.

Cowes Ale House Donations Update

Many many thanks from the FoNC Trustees for the generosity of Cowes Ale House folk for this staggering amount towards restoration funds.

Cowes Ale House Donations Update

Dear Jon, David & Richard,

Today my friend and I came to the cemetery to pick up the Yew logs. My Friend will be making Diggerido’s from this lovely wood and I shall be making things to sell for Ability Dogs for young people. We are both very grateful.

Tamara H

Dear Barry,

Thanks very much for your rapid response and for the information – just what I wanted!

Kevin T

Dear Barry,

Thank you very much for your help & for sending me so much wonderful information, it is much appreciated. “Happy New Year”.

Ursula D

I have enjoyed visiting your web site and have found it very informative, thank you.

Peter N

Thank you so much for the information you sent regarding the graves. It was very kind of you to take the trouble.

I have forwarded the email on to my relative I have made contact with in the USA who is a great granddaughter of EDB. The work you do to enable this searching to have a positive outcome is truly amazing. Thank you so very much.

Gloria M

Dear Jon,

Thank you for the newsletter and what news!!

My congratulations to you all for your unceasing hard work which has paid off!! Amazing!!

Heather L

I live on the mainland or i would have come along my Nan and Grandad are buried their as is my aunt so i go there when ever i’m on the island. A big thank you to your group for your hard work you do.

Paul T

That is a really good newsletter Jon and very interesting and nicely produced. Thank you.

Marianne P-S

Dear Jon,

Wonderful news (ref: lottery funded grant) well done for all your hard work.

David would have been so pleased too! And that’s an excellent newsletter this month as well. I am passing it on to friends.


So good to read about the fundraisers’ successes, the wonderful number of birds and about the life of Alfred Fenning (ref: Latest Newsletter). Congratulations.

Jan T

Hi Barry,

A very special thanks for taking the time to meet us at the cemetery. It meant so much that you took the time to explain things to us and making it so interesting with such a personal touch.

Trevor and Giesela M

Hello Bazz,

We both want to thank you so much for the help, information and time you gave us. We were thrilled to have visited Northwood Cemetery and able to pay respect at the grave of our relatives Grandfather and Grandmother. We have told another relative Michael, about the visit and he was pleased.

I am digging out the pictures, service record and WW1 medals for William Johnson and I will photograph and send to you by email in due course for you to append to his burial record. We were impressed with everything ‘The Friends of Northwood Cemetery’ have done and still working on. What a lovely spot you have there Bazz.

Catherine & David M

Dear Barry,

I must say how much I enjoyed the recent FoNC Newsletter. It was really well put together and very interesting to read from beginning to end.  Your contribution, as always, was really interesting. I liked the coverage of the Blitz and was fascinated by the history of the Plot Markers and the story about Rees Owen Williams. All in all it was a darned good read and one of the best ones for a while. Well done to all.

Judy O

Dear Jon,

I was at the Cemetery yesterday paying my usual annual visit to tidy our two graves. The Cemetery was looking good, a credit to all who work so hard there.


Dear Jon,

Both of us have, indeed, enjoyed reading the newsletter as always and are very impressed with how amazing the cemetery looks every time we visit.

Nic and Lu

Dear Bazz,

When I was on the Island in early April I was able to tidy up my family’s graves and was very impressed by all that you and your FoNC colleagues have achieved. It’s wonderful.

Alan D

I visited our Cemetery after a trip to surgery and was astonished at all the clearing that has been carried out on that side. Cannot recall being able to walk up that side since the early Sixties. The sweep of wild daffodils and primroses outdid anything viewed by Wordsworth!

I do hope that you will pass on my appreciation for all the hard work of the volunteers. I also visited East Cowes Cemetery and the volunteers there are making excellent progress, no doubt inspired by the results at Northwood Cemetery!

Joan M