Meeting Minutes

Burial Board Minute Book


The Friends of Northwood Cemetery are in the process of transcribing the Burial Board Minute books held at the IW County Record Office in Newport. Currently all Meeting Minutes from 1856 to 1900 have been transcribed and can be viewed in batches by decade (see below).

Burial Board Minutes 1855-1860

Burial Board Minutes 1861-1870

Burial Board Minutes 1871-1880

Burial Board Minutes 1881-1890

Burial Board Minutes 1891-1900

A Minute book has been found containing the Minutes of the Burial Board meetings that took place from July 1939 to March 1951 and this has also been transcribed:

Burial Board Minutes 1939-1951

The Minutes of Annual General Meetings, and two Extraordinary General Meetings, of the Friends of Northwood Cemetery, can be viewed here:

2009 AGM Minutes

2009 EGM Minutes

2010 AGM Minutes

2011 AGM Minutes

2011 EGM Minutes

2012 AGM Minutes

2013 AGM Minutes

2014 AGM Minutes

2015 AGM Minutes

2016 AGM Minutes

2017 AGM Minutes (following shortly)