Press Articles

26th July 2019 (IW County Press) – Cemetery’s Green Flag

16th July 2019 (IW Radio) – Green Flag Award for Northwood Cemetery

16th November 2018 (IW County Press) – Plan to restrict cemetery dog walkers

9th November 2018 (IW County Press) – 100th Anniversary of Armistice Day commemoration

2nd November 2018 (IW County Press) – New Friends team at cemetery

(Ed: the headline chosen by the IWCP is again misleading – it’s the same team of volunteer Trustees but now a President and three non-executive Vice-Presidents have been elected)

19th October 2018 (IW County Press) – New team appointed to look after Isle of Wight cemetery

(Ed: the headline chosen by the IWCP is misleading – it is not a new team! Please refer to the text)

24th July 2018 (IW Radio) – Northwood Cemetery wins Green Flag Award

23rd July 2018 (On The Wight) – Flying the Green Flag in recognition of volunteers and staff

20th July 2018 (IW County Press) – Green flag award for Island parks

13th July 2018 (IW County Press) – Awards for island firm

July 2018 (The Beacon) – Top award for cemetery project

30th May 2018 (On The Wight) – Prestigious Conservation Award for Northwood Cemetery Restoration

25th May 2018 (IW County Press) – Top award for chapels’ restoration

3rd November 2017 (IW County Press) – Bringing new life to cemetery

15th October 2017 (On The Wight) – Northwood Cemetery reopens after £1.6m HLF makeover

13th October 2017 (IW County Press) – Heritage project finished at Northwood Cemetery

11th October 2017 (On The Wight) – Heritage Resource Centre Open Day

7th October 2017 (IW Radio) – Final Touches for Northwood Cemetery after Lottery Refurb

4th October 2017 (On The Wight) – Island Roads staff volunteer their services to Northwood Cemetery

17th July 2017 (On The Wight) – Soggy summer risk to butterflies on the Isle of Wight

10th February 2017 (IW County Press) – Come down and see the good work at Northwood Cemetery

3rd February 2017 (IW County Press) – Volunteers defend cemetery work after lack of respect claim

21st October 2016 (IW County Press) – Children find out about past lives at the cemetery

7th October 2016 (On The Wight) – War dead in Cowes commemorated by school children

2nd September 2016 (IW County Press) – Workshops uncover cemetery’s stories

15th August 2016 (On The Wight) – Cemetery Friends launch community learning programme

6th May 2016 (IW County Press) – Chapel works begin

6th May 2016 (IW County Press) – Pupils light the way with bulbs

26th April 2016 (On The Wight) – Bulb planting help children learn about the cycle of life

4th March 2016 (IW County Press) – Thieves dash cemetery plans

2nd March 2016 (IW Radio) – Burial Ground Plans Include Natural Site At Northwood

4th December 2015 (IW County Press) – It’s just what single bees need

10th July 2015 (IW County Press) – £1.6m lifeline for campaign

6th February 2015 (IW County Press) – Pupils inspired by cemetery

17th October 2014 (IW County Press) – Chapel rescue plan on show

3rd October 2014 (IW County Press) – HLF grant £75,300 for cemetery restoration

11th July 2014 (IW County Press) – Cash to help plan future of cemetery

14th March 2014 (IW County Press) – Workers spruce up cemetery

6th March 2014 (On The Wight) – Island Roads staff help out at Northwood Cemetery

25th October 2013 (IW County Press) – Cash needed despite chapel re-opening

22nd March 2013 (IW County Press) – Celebrate progress at cemetery

4th February 2011 (County Press) – Store charity vital to causes

16th July 2010 (IW County Press) – Talks over future of former mortuary

11th June 2010 (IW County Press) – Cemetery wall reveals its secrets

16th April 2010 (IW County Press) – £30,000 boost for community

8th January 2010 (IW County Press) – Community card just the ticket for good causes

24th December 2009 (IW County Press) – Furry Friends have Plenty to Feed on in Winter Freeze

June/July 2009 (Island Life) – Northwood Cemetery

18th April 2008 (IW County Press) – A new Lease of Life for Northwood Cemetery

20th March 2008 (IW County Press) – Action to preserve cemetery

13th April 2001 (IW County Press) – Northwood Cemetery maintenance under fire

1st December 2000 (IW County Press) – Cemetery buildings to be sold off as homes