Stakeholder Advisory Group

1 Geoff ALLAN Isle of Wight Family History Society Chairman
2 Janet ALLEN Northwood House Charitable Trust Chairperson
3 Vicky BASFORD The IW Gardens Trust Local Resident
4 Sam BILES Somerton Farm Adjacent Landowner
5 Amanda COLLINSON St John the Baptist Church, Northwood Priest-in-Charge
6 Sally COPPEN Lanesend Primary School Key Stage II Teacher
7 Karen WOODFORD Cowes Medical Centre  Practice Manager
8 Valerie DIEBELIUS Hunnyhill Primary School Governor
9 John GROVES Cowes Heritage Chairman
10 Dave HUNNYBUN Isle of Wight Ornithological Group Chairman
11 Aslam JAVAID Gurnard Parish Council Councillor & Muslim Advisor
12 John NICHOLSON Northwood Parish Council Councillor
13 Colin POPE Isle of Wight Natural History & Archaeological Society Chairman
14 Hazel PULLEN Isle of Wight Family History Society Vice-Chairperson
15 Richard SMOUT Isle of Wight Council (SAG Chairman) Heritage Services Manager